CiGusta brings the taste of authentic Italian gelato to the world. Using genuine ingredients and original recipes allows CiGusta to offer new experiences. Artisanal and creamy gelato of high quality!


CiGusta soft serve will amaze you with irresistible flavors and incomparable softness, including its Frozen Yogurt –a yogurt gelato that can be combined with fruits, toppings, cereals and much more, for endless delicious combinations.


Between high quality and tradition, CiGusta’s authentic Italian pizza is deliciously fragrant! But the brand’s menu includes other baked goods such as foccacia bread, calzones, and the original Pancrocchino, all freshly made!


Passion and experience are the ingredients for CiGusta’s fresh pasta – a new way to enjoy the many flavors of first course Italian dishes. These delicious recipes are prepared with genuine raw materials for a tasty and healthy break.


Every minute of the day is perfect to savor some CiGusta snacks! Appealing sandwiches, snacks, pretzels, and much more, for a light and tasty breakwith unforgettable snacks provided by CiGusta!


Many small, tasty works of art were born from the skills of CiGusta chefs. Authentic Italian recipes, reinterpreted with creativity, leave the CiGusta kitchen to offer you high quality pastry products. A joy for the eyes and palate!


Waffles, crepes, or tartlets? With CiGusta Pastry Express you decide. Create delicious specialties to personalize with many tasty ingredient options, including chocolate, cream, fruit, and other toppings. Develop your perfect dessert with CiGusta!


The unique aroma of Italian espresso is a daily small moment of pleasure from CiGusta. 100% Arabic Coffee, flavored and affogati are unique recipes for your breaks. CiGusta coffee is always a new and intense experience!


CiGusta will offer you delicious frappes and milkshakes specially made from natural and genuine raw materials. The freshness of the fruit, the flavor of the milk, and the creaminess of the gelato create many combinations for an incredible moment of pleasure!


Juice-up: the freshest and healthiest way to taste the philiosophy of CiGusta! From drinks to cocktails and healthy smoothies, everything has a base of the best fresh fruit, for a flavorful experience of colors and fragances in artisanal Italian beverage products.